PRESIDENCY UNIVERSITY Kolkata Admission Notification for Ph.D. Programme

Online Applications are invited from UGC or UGC – CSIR NET / NET – LS or DBT-BET (only for
Biotechnology) qualified candidates for admission to the Ph.D. Programme of Presidency University in
various departments for the session 2021-2022 commencing from July 2021. Only completed online
application will be considered. There is no application fee.
Essential qualification:
a) Candidates for admission to the Ph.D. program shall have a Master’s degree with at least 55% of
marks in aggregate or its equivalent grade.
A relaxation of 5% of marks or an equivalent relaxation of grade may be allowed for those belonging to
SC/ST/OBC-A/OBC-B/ Person with Disability (PwD) as per UGC guidelines.
b) UGC or UGC-CSIR NET/NET-LS qualified. DBT-BET qualified candidates are eligible to apply for
Biotechnology only.

Department wise and category wise availability of seats are given below. Reservation of seats for
Person with Disability (PwD) will be as per Department of Higher Education (University branch),
Government of West Bengal order no 1084(20)-Edn(U)/EH/1U-89/13 dated 7th December, 2018. PwD
seats are included in the total number of seats in respective departments.
No. Department/ School Category wise available seats
1 History 3 3 1 1 2
2 Philosophy 3 1 1 1 0
3 Sociology 0 4 1 1 0
4 Hindi 0 1 2 1 0
5 Political Science 0 0 0 1 1
6 Chemistry 12 6 3 6 3
7 Geology 12 6 2 3 1
8 Physics 20 7 3 2 4
9 Life Sciences 19 7 3 4 3
10 Geography 2 0 0 0 0
11 Economics 10 5 1 1 2
12 Mathematics 5 1 1 1 1
13 Statistics 4 1 0 1 1
14 Biotechnology (Newtown Campus) 1 2 2 2 0
PU Admission Notification for PhD Programme (July, 2021) Page 2 of 2
Available Research Areas
Mathematics: Astrophysics (01), Cosmology (01), Cryptology & Combinatorics (02), Differential
Equations (01), Geometric Group Theory (01), Mathematical Biology (02), Operations Research (01)
Geography: Physical Geography (UR-1), Political Geography (UR-1)
Biotechnology: Reproductive biology/Molecular endocrinology, Plant Biotechnology, Plant-microbe
interaction, Plant Molecular Biology, Tumor Virology, Cancer microbiome, Ciliogenesis
Philosophy: Ethics (Theory and Applied), Consciousness studies, Logic, Indian Epistemology and
Cognitive Science
Political Science:
a) Politics of Urban Development
b) Visual Politics
c) Political Anthropology
Organic Chemistry (UR-4, SC-2, ST-1, OBCA-3, OBCB-3)
Inorganic Chemistry (UR-3, SC-1, ST-1, OBCA-2, OBCB-1)
Physical Chemistry (UR-5, SC-3, ST-1, OBCA-1, OBCB-0)
Life Sciences:
a) Epigenetics in plant stress conditions and host pathogen interaction
b) Biochemical and biophysical characterization of signaling photoreceptors and their application in
c) Molecular plant-pathogen interactions, Effector biology of rice blast fungus, Rice blast
d) Fungal metabolites, insect-plant-pathogen interactions, weed ecology and biocontrol, global
environmental changes and biodiversity
e) Plant molecular biology, Cellulose and lignin biology
f) Neuroimmunology, Neural Cell Biology
g) Structure and functions of viral proteins
h) Plant Biotechnology for crop improvement
i) Microbiology
j) Molecular microbiology ( DNA topology, DNA replication)
k) Environmental Toxicology and it’s Management
l) Reproductive toxicology, ecotoxicological assessment by using plant/animal model, endocrine
disrupting chemical, fish endocrinology
m) Ecology
Statistical Physics, Energy Materials, Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Materials Science using
Energetic Ion Beam, Materials Science, Astrophysics, Gravitation & Cosmology, Astrophysics &
Cosmology, Classical & Quantum Polarization Optics, Remote Sensing
Selection Procedure:
All eligible candidates will have to appear at an interview / test (may be in online mode), conducted by
the Departmental Ph.D. Selection Committees of the University. In interview, the candidates will be
expected to discuss their research interests.
Following the admission procedure, a list of qualified candidates (preferably based on their areas of
research interest(s)) will be published and displayed by the University through the official website.
Candidates selected for the Ph.D. Programme will be attached to the respective Department at the time
of their provisional admission and will be required to enrol on payment of a non-refundable fee,
determined by the University

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